Mass adoption of DeFi for a sustainable ecosystem

To provide funding for research and development, we are creating investment tools that are easy and accessible to everyone. We make portfolio management theory easy to understand for everyone to reduce their exposure to the volatile crypto market. By collecting fees on these protocols, we aim to create a sustainable economy that relays as least as possible from external donations and can generate revenues for funding grants.

We are building a platform for innovators, business developers, and investors.

We encourage innovators to explore their ideas while connecting them to business developers and investors who can help shape their results into products. Every deal between them can be recorded in the ledger by smart contracts (represented by NFTs) and protected by the immutability of the blockchain, so all players can rest assured about their respective commitments.

The main purpose of Serpius is to become a powerful and sustainable innovation hub that does not require external donations to provide grants and can generate its own revenues.

Best Features

Innovation is our true passion, whether it comes from science or technology, as long as it is applied to disrupt the way we live today for a better future.


Users can develop their ideas, become investors, or contribute to a project with their own expertise.

Transferable Value

A token will allow users to move within the ecosystem, between projects, and even enter and exit the ecosystem.

Safe & Secure

Deals between innovators, investors, and business developers are backed by smart contracts on-chain.

Road Map

This is a tentative roadmap, but as everybody knows, projects suffer from delays and are pivoting frequently. Therefore it may change over time.

Q2 2022


Design the DeFi tools.

Build strategy for asset allocation.

Perform use-case research.

Q3 2022

Economy Development

Building smart contracts of the DeFi tools on the NEAR protocol.

Launch and bug hunting on testnet.

Q4 2022

DeFi Products

Launching first product to mainnet.

Design the ecosystem bridging innovators, business developers, and investors.


Ecosystem Build

Build the ecosystem. Depending on DeFi maturity, we may consider building as well on other chains.


In case you do not find answers below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which DeFi products are we building?

We aim to bring mass adoption to DeFi. Therefore, we are building products that are easy to understand for everyone and provide full advantage of lending, staking, and investing protocols.

Yes. To interact with the ecosystem, users need to hold our token.

We do not know yet. But we will start designing the tokenomics along with the innovation hub (2023).

We are building initially on the NEAR protocol. However, we plan to build a multi-chain solution and use bridges for cross-chain operations. Early research suggests that we will build in Polygon (MATIC) network as well.

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